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Like what you've seen so far?  You can try the complete oscFile Document Imaging System for free - yes free!  Simply download the entire product suite or just the application you are interested in.  You will receive a full featured, fully functional application that will be valid for thirty (30) days.


Although not required, we recommend that you work with one of our sales team to help you design the most automated scanning process possible.  Their experience will help you get started quickly with the most efficient configuration at no charge.


We know that once you have seen oscFile manage your documents, you will have to have it!


Choose your download below.


oscFile Document Management Suite

oscFile Document Management Suite  7.0 NOW AVAILABLE!   (Release notes below)

Includes all of the following:

oscFile Index

oscFile QC

oscFile Coversheet

oscFile Send

oscFile Search

Can be installed separately or together.
NOTE The FRengine is downloaded separately but installs with oscFile Index



oscFile Index


Installs oscFile Index without the other applications in the Suite.

oscFile QC


oscFile QC enables thumbnail viewing for any file on your computer, including PDF files and OLE-compatible applications like MS Office.  Preview PDF files or Office documents as well as images.

oscFile Coversheet


oscFile Coversheet lets anyone in the office create barcode coversheets with the key information needed to index documents. Great for use with digital copiers and other network scanning devices.

oscFile Send


oscFile Send can automatically email documents to recipients based on index data or upload documents to a server with secure FTP.

oscFile Search Document Viewer

Search and view files scanned with oscFile Index.
oscFile  Search is a retrieval-only license for oscFile Index.  Use the oscFile Index Suite or Standalone downloads to install.


Release notes:


oscFile 7.0 Now Available!  (Build V7.2.29) Download V7 Now!  Download FineReader OCR Now!

oscFile Version 7

With the release of version 7, oscFile Index Pro updates all of its core functionality.

  • OCR

    • ABBYY® FineReader Engine for faster, more accurate OCR

    • Searchable PDF output

    • Improved data extraction options

    • NOTE: The FR Engine is a separate download, but is installed at the upgrade time

  • Barcode

    • Upgraded barcode engine

    • Barcode voting to boost accuracy

    • Support for most 2D barcodes without Advanced Barcode Add-on

  • Scanning

    • Multiple scan windows when using ISIS

    • Improved real-time processing

    • Scan directly to a network folder (processing occurs during scan)

  • Desktop Processing

    • Run multiple copies of SimpleIndex simultaneously

    • Selectively reprocess files

    • Save any image region to a separate file for signature capture, etc.

  • Server Processing

    • Server processing compatible with Vista/7/2008

    • Run multiple jobs on different schedules

  • PDF Conversion

    • Convert MS Office, HTML, XML and images to PDF before processing

    • Support for reading and writing password protected PDF files

    • Searchable PDF output

  • Indexing

    • Configure default values for empty fields

    • Generate MD5 file hash to verify file contents are unchanged

    • Export to XML

Updates are FREE to all users with a current Software Maintenance Contract. To update, you will require a new License Key, and to download the V7 software

Ready to update? Call Bill Kimbel at 850-219-6505 or Larry Buck at 850-219-6504, and we can walk you through it.


New Features in oscFile Index 6.2:

Still need V6? Download V6 Now!

  • Job settings wizard simplifies the process of creating new jobs
  • Big, easy buttons to open and run jobs or scan single files
  • Process a batch without re-importing files
  • Negative keywords in dictionary files prevent false positives
  • Better scanner settings display options for TWAIN & ISIS
  • Number and date range searching in oscFile Search
  • Edit job settings while processing documents
  • Improved interactive OCR zone drawing
  • Edit autofill fields or automatically select first matching record
  • Improved installer is fully Windows Vista compatible

New Features in oscFile Index 6.1:

  • Fast OCR option processes 10 times faster
  • Interactive OCR zones make setup easier
  • Use Zone OCR to detect document breaks
  • Automatic conversion of PDFs for OCR, barcode recognition
  • Grid view shows indexes and images side-by-side
  • Thumbnails support rotate, deskew, despeckle & delete
  • Refresh lists lets you add items to a list during indexing
  • Change order of index fields in options screen
  • Default values for blank fields
  • Process single page to test OCR & barcode recognition
  • Debug mode logs all processing activity to file

New Features in oscFile Index 6.0:

  • Full support for Windows Vista operating system
  • Ability to run jobs as a windows service for server-based processing
  • Upgraded Barcode engine with significant improvements in accuracy
  • Upgraded ISIS engine supports dual-stream scanning (Color + B&W)
  • ISIS scanning is now included with Barcode, OCR and Full licenses
  • PDF to TIFF conversion
  • Scan, view and OCR individual files without batch processing
  • Faster, better image clean-up with Barcode and Full license
  • Read and write TIFF/NTFS file properties (Title, Author, Keywords, etc.)
  • Integrated thumbnail viewer to preview and navigate multi-page files
  • Integrated editor to view and correct OCR results
  • Full viewing and editing for MS Office documents
  • Use file masks to filter input files
  • Get partial field values from OCR, barcode and other fields
  • Automatically backup files before processing
  • Export options to overwrite existing files or append to start of file
  • Filter input files by create/modified date or time of last batch
  • Media player controls for Play, Pause, Stop, Volume and Position
  • Completely redesigned versions of oscFile Coversheet and oscFile Send
    • Both applications rewritten on .NET 2.0 platform with latest technology
    • oscFile Coversheet now lets you lay out pages any way you like
    • 2D PDF417 barcode support and enhanced control over 1D barcodes
    • oscFile Send now supports secure FTP with much improved error recovery


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